Steering Committee

Jay Ague ’03 MAH
Robert Ames ’03 MBA
Leah Barton ’97
John Bodt ’01 MBA
Brian Cope ’12 MBA
Anthony Corridore ’03 MBA
Elizabeth Debevoise ’07
Thomas Emmons ’69
Joel Ephross ’82
Daniel Fisher ’04 MSL
Austen Furse ’82
Joseph Greenberg ’83
Edward Hirs ’79, ’79 M.A.,
’81 MBA
Heidi Livingston ’97 MBA
Roberto Jimenez ’09 MBA
Wesley Johnson ’09 MBA
Dorothy Kelly ’80
Robert Krystyniak ’79
Deepak Jeevan Kumar ’10 SOM
David T. Lawrence '84 PhD
George Littell ’66
Paul W. MacAvoy ’60 PH.D.
Jeffrey Mayer ’73
Timothy Merrill ’65
Howard Newman ’69,
’69 M.A.
Michael Oristaglio '74,'74 M.S.
Vinod Pathrose ’08 MBA
Barbara Jo Pease ’82 MBA
Daniel Pullman ’80,
’87 MBA
William Schnoor ’80, ’83 J.D.
Lauren Segal ’80
Maria Seidler ’07 MEM
Richard Swett ’79
Richard Tavelli ’79 MPPM
David Vogel ’71
Thomas Weil ’70

  Yale Alumni in Energy (YAE) is a group of alumni from Yale College and the various graduate and professional schools at Yale who share an interest—professional or personal—in energy.
  YAE membership is open to Yale students, faculty, and alumni around the world. An annual conference, active blog, and other member-driven events will provide avenues for a regular and robust exchange of ideas. Whether your interests are in research, economics, policy, management, or the environment, we welcome your input.

Seventh Annual Conference on
Yale University's West Campus
Friday, April 10, 2015

Join us for an all-day conference to share ideas and experiences with energy industry leaders, key policy makers, renowned economists, management experts, and top researchers from throughout the country.


Online Registration 2015 Agenda